Is the app free?

Yes, the app is free, the only thing you need to keep in mind is any data charges you may incur from your mobile service provider.

What Handsets does the app work on?

The app is available for both Apple iOS and Android.



How do I tell Coles if I have a suggestion/comment/problem with the app?

Your feedback will help us to continually improve the app and introduce features that will make your shopping easier. Just go to ‘Services’ on the main menu and select ‘Feedback’

How do I report an abandoned Coles Trolley?

If you find a trolley that isn’t where it belongs, you can get it removed by going to ‘Services’ on the main menu and select ‘Trolley Collector’. You can use your phone’s gps to note the location of the trolley or enter an address. You also have the option to add a photo. We will collect the trolley within 24hrs.

Weekly Specials

What are Top/Catalogue/Super Specials?

Top Specials:


Super Specials:

When do you update the specials in the app for the next week?

Top Specials & Catalogue Specials are available in store from Wed–Tue each week. The specials will be updated on the app between 10pm-11pm each Tuesday evening.

Super Specials are available in store from Fri-Thur. The specials in the app will be updated between 10pm-11pm each Thursday evening.

Store Finder

How do I select my local store?

Selecting your local store means that we can provide you with the weekly specials for where you shop. It also means that we can sort your shopping list by aisle for your chosen store, so you only have to walk round once.

To choose your local store go to the main menu and select ‘Store Finder’. Once you’ve found your store, select ‘Make my local’.

How do I change my local store?

If you decide to shop at a different store, just go to ‘Store Finder’ on the main menu, find the store you’re planning to shop at and select ‘Make my local’. You can change to a different store at any time.

Shopping Lists – General

How do I create a new shopping list?

Go to ‘Shopping List’ in the main menu, select ‘Add New Shopping List’ enter a new name for your list.

How do I rename an existing shopping list?

Go to ‘Shopping List’ in the main menu, select ‘edit’ and tap on the list you want to rename.

How do I sort by aisle?

To sort your shopping list by aisle, you will first need to have chosen your local store from the ‘Store Finder’ menu. Once you’ve done this you can sort any of your shopping lists by going to an individual list and:



If you press ‘Sort’ again your items will return to being sorted by product type

The aisle number for a product is wrong!

Opps.. we’re really sorry about this, we do our absolute best to make sure the aisle numbers for all products are up to date and accurate. If you do find a product in a different aisle to where it’s supposed to be, we’d really appreciate if you could let us know using the feedback option in the app, so we correct the error.

Shopping List – Sharing your lists

How do I share a list?

Being able to share your list with other family members/friends is one of the most requested features by customers. It’s easy to set-up and secure - only people you’ve invited will have access to a shared list.

First you need to activate sharing. Go to ‘Shopping Lists’ from the main menu.



Once you’ve done this you just need to select ‘share’ from within each individual list. You will then need to enter the email address for the person who you want to share a list with.

How do I receive a list that a family member/friend wants to share with me?

First you need to activate sharing. Go to ‘Shopping Lists’ on the main menu.



Once you’ve done this, the person who wants to share a list with you just needs to enter your email address - the one you used to activate sharing.

Once the other person has done this, you will receive an email to let you know that the other person wants to share a list with you.

In the app, you will also see a new list on the Shopping Lists page in a new category called ‘Shared Lists’.

When you select the new list you will be able to see who has sent you the list and then have the option to either accept or reject the list.

If I update a shared list will the other person see the changes?

Yes, whenever you update a shared list, anyone else who you share the list with will see the change. If someone shares a list with you, you can also make changes.

One thing you should know is that at present when you ‘tick’ items off a list, other users who share this list will not see this. They will see if you add/delete products or if you change the quantity.


How do I add a recipe to my favourites?

Select the individual recipe you want to make a favourite and select the grey star. This will turn red to show the recipe is now in your favourites list. To remove the recipe from your favourites list tap the red star next to the recipe.

How do I add recipe ingredients to my shopping list?

When you find a recipe you want to cook, scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Add ingredients to Shopping List’. You then can select all ingredients or just the ones you want to add to your shopping list.

Barcode Scanner

How do I use the barcode scanner?

The barcode scanner uses the camera on your phone to scan the barcodes on products and add them to your shopping list. This is a really quick way to add items you have run out of at home - simply scan the empty packet to add it to your shopping list. You can find the barcode scanner on the main menu, or from within any of your shopping lists.

Why doesn’t the barcode scanner work?

If you have an older phone, your camera may not have the auto focus feature required to scan barcodes. If this is the case you may have trouble getting your phone to scan the barcode properly. If you phone is not compatible with this feature you may find that the option is greyed out. You can still add products, from the weekly specials, other product lists and search.